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The FERFRANS SOACR is adaptable to any mission that entails a higher caliber. Can be transformed to a CQB, Combat Rifle, DMR, Sniper Rifle….

Maintains the controllability, accuracy, reliability and Cyclic Rate/Impact Stress Reducer of the FERFRANS SOAR Rifles.



  • Monolithic Rail Platform Upper Reciever
  • Polygonal Barrel with 1:11 Twist Rate
  • FERFRANS Patented Delayed Sear
  • Engagement System
  • Match Trigger
  • Standard, Semi Auto, Full Auto r .308/7.62 Caliber
  • Bi-Pod
  • 2 Magazines (20 Rounds)
  • Optional Sound Suppressor
  • Recoil Absorbent Stock
  • Reduced Cyclic Rate and Impact Stress
  • Full Control
  • Reliable
  • Match Grade Accuracy

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