40mm Rail Mounted Grenade Launcher RMGL 403

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The FERFRANS 40 mm grenade launcher is designed to mount to any Mil Spec 1913 Picatinny Rail system. It is a double action trigger with ambidextrous safety and barrel latch. Barrel tilts downward and locks at end of forward travel to permit loading of all low velocity 40 mm am- munition. Trigger mechanism is modular and can be easily repaired in field. Matte finish colors: black, desert sand, or woodland green. Barrel meets U.S. military specifications for material and rifling.

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  • Stand Alone Rail System
  • Tilt Down Barrel System
  • Modular Double Action Trigger Mechanism
  • Modular System for Ease of Maintenance at Operator Level
  • Rail Mounted Leaf Sight
Advantages of Ferfrans Rail Mounted Grenade Launcher:
  • Non-reflecting. 
  • Weight is approximately 40% the weight of M203 launcher. 
  • 60% fewer parts. Lower spare parts cost (parts are approximately 1⁄2 the cost of M203) Able to use ALL low velocity 40 mm ammunition.
  • Ease of maintenance at operator level. Barrel meets all U.S. military specifications for material and rifling. 
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FERFRANS RMGL 403: Standard M203:
Weight: 1.3 lbs / .59 kg Weight: 3 lbs. / 1.36 kg
Length: 12.75 in. / 324 mm Length: 15.1 in. / 384 m
Barrel length: 9 in. / 228.6 mm Barrel length: 12 in. / 304.8 mm
Rifling: one turn in 1219 mm / 48 in Rifling: one turn in 1219 mm / 48 in.





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