The SOAR P incorporates modifications and improvements to the M4 rifle that will among other things ensure enhanced reliability, accuracy, firepower, zero retention, ergonomics/ man machine interface, overall parts longevity, and increase service life.  By incorporating the patented Independent Sear Disconnector reduced the cyclic rate of fire in full auto below 700 rpm.  This allowed the weapon to be totally controllable in full-auto, reduced impact stress on the parts, increase accuracy and firepower, reducing the heat and increase the resiliency to cookoff, increase parts longevity and overall service life.

The soar P (Piston version of the soar),  further increase the benefits of the SOAR by changing the gas system with a short stroke piston system with the independent sear disconnector enhancing the capability of the rifle to fire without draining the water in “over the beach” operations.

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The FERFRANS S.O.A.R. – P rifles includes a new 4 Setting Piston Block, Piston Rod, Rod Spring, Upper Receiver Bushing, Bolt Spring , Flip-Up Front Sight and a Solid Bolt Carrier with the FERFRANS Delayed Sear Activation Sys- tem “DSAS”.[/tab]


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  • Operates in almost any environment
  • Sustained Full-Auto Fire w/ Low Chamber Heat
  • Full Control of Accurate Full-Auto Fire
  • Reduces Possibility of Cook-Off
  • Increases Parts Longevity
  • “Over the Beach” Operations Capable
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Caliber: 5.56mm (.223 Remington)
Barrel Type: Heavy Machine Gun, Chrome Bore
Barrel Length: 10.5”/11.5”/14.5 “/16”/18”/ 20”
Riflling Twist: 1:7, 1:9 inches
Stock: Retractable (6 positions) / Fixed
Magazine Capacity:
Will accept all M16 Type Magazine 30, 40, 90,100, 150
Magazine Type: Non Tilting Follower
Magazine Make: Aluminum/Stainless or Polymer
Type Of Operation: Short Stroke piston
Exclusive Operation: Delayed Sear Activation System
Cyclic Rate: 550—680 RPM
Type of Fire: Safe, Semi and Full-Rate(Reduced)
Muzzle Velocity(14.5″):
M193 – 55 gr. 2875 ft./sec. (877 m/sec.)M855/
SS109/C77 – 62gr. 2740 ft./sec. (835 m/sec.)
Sights: Flip-up Front and Rear Sights
Receiver Type (Upper): Flat Top with optional Carry Handle
Finish: Hard Coat Anodized

















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